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Jean-Jacques MARTIN

Founder | Brain Core


Jean-Jacques Martin is a researcher in cognitive neuroscience. With a degree in human sciences, psychopedagogy and marketing, he is passionate about the functioning of the brain and its learning mechanisms. In 2002, he founded a private school in Switzerland for which he developed a unique pedagogical approach, enabling students to succeed in their studies despite difficulties.
The success of his innovative methods are globally renowned today and led him to create the international laboratory BrainCore. The latter brings together highly qualified scientists who work on the development and integration of AI 4.0 solutions within educational and industrial ecosystems in Europe and Asia. Jean-Jacques Martin defends the principle that artificial intelligence is progressively taking the form of a new species within our society. All his work aspires to develop a well-intentioned AI, respectful of our ethical and biological paradigms, capable of increasing human capacities in a neuro-humanistic spirit.

Speaker for

Neuro Management, a disruptive and innovative approach to the challenges raised by artificial intelligence
Day 1 | November 26, 2020 11:15 (CET)