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Bridge the silos to better manage risks!

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Enough of virtual events !

Two disctinct events for the best knowledge transfer in Risk Management.

1- Risk-!n annual flagship event and 2- Ethics Compliance Switzerland annual conference for which Risk-!n is the service provider.

Risk-!n 5th edition

Enterprise Risk Management & Resilience, Security, Insurance & Captives

Sharing and exchanging best practices during 30+ sessions

Registration is opened bottom of page    Programme

25-26 May 2023

Join us in Zürich at the Zurich Marriott Hotel link

Neumuehlequai 42, 8006, Zurich, Switzerland

ECS annual conference - 3rd Parties

Manage the Compliance Risks and create business opportunities!

Sharing and exchanging best practices during 20+ sessions

Registration CLOSED       Programme

27-28 October 2022

Zürich at the Crowne Plaza

Badenerstrasse 420, 8040 Zürich, Switzerland
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Risk Management

Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management incl. human factors in risk management, how to link with company strategies, what is the value of risk management...

Continuity & Resilience

Continuity & Resilience

Resilience (the myth of risk appetite, what is a risk culture, the real link between ERM and BCM, how to embed resilience...)

Insurance & Captives

Insurance & Captives

Insurance (benefits of a captive without the burden, damage to reputation, adaptive insurance...)



What does it take to be compliant and by when can we achieve regulators request and reach social acceptance. How to manage 3rd paty risk management incl. due diligence, monitoring and auditing.



People risks including duty of care. Products risks incl. theft and counterfeiting. Assets risks incl. terrorism. Information risk including cyber security, ransomware, IoT - Internet of Things...

Programme underway

For Whom: Heads & Teams involved in ERM, BCM and Resilience
Security, Insurance, Captive management & risk financing.

What are todays' challenges and how to immediately respond?

What are perspectives on these risks/challenges and how to approach them?

How are these challenges evolving and how to get ready?


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